Fri, July 03
May 24,2020

Recovering from the injuries
Caused over millions of years
None but her own children
Are caused of her miseries

Air is fresher, water is cleaner
Count of stars are increasing
Size of ozone hole is decreasing
Vanishing her scars caused by demeanor

Gone her grays, rejuvenating again
Tress are greener, air is fresher
Level of Co2 is reducing
Situation is like 100% gain.
Animals are free to roam on roads
Birds are free to soar up in the air.
Days are brighter, Nights are shinny
Mother earth will be young said bodes

But her tears never stop, she is perplexed
Her heart is full of pain and fear
Her lap empty and her lips are dry
Eyes are always waiting and never relaxed.

Where are the hands that feed
Where are the souls that rest under trees
Where are the cries of small children
Who swing and hide on the branches of trees.

Covid-19 Mother Earth you wished
With beauty, peace, calm so hat it
The cost for it is the human race
So your Jinni is here to fulfill your wish list.

No! No! No! I love my children
Can’t see them in grave to be young again.
Take all I have but stop this game.

Laughed Covid-19
You cannot reverse the game
It back and enjoy the fame
Be young and enjoy your teen.

Eyes flooding and heart bleeds
We are here said the Covid-Warriors
They look like angels dressed in white
Oathed to kill Covid and fight.

We will win mother earth
your children will play
your laps will be green again.
There will be laughter and mirth

We promise Your children will be back soon.
We will repay Covid-19
Atrocity he did on us  

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